Fundraising, group discounts and birthday parties…oh my!

Want a new way to fundraise for a team or school or whatever it is you need to fundraise for? Come on down to Chill Buffalo and we can walk you through our fundraising program. We can pick a day that is “your day” and you get 20% of the net sales that come from people coming in and mentioning “your day”. It is easy to do and a great way to raise some money without having to go door to door. Contact us if you are interested in learning more or setting up a date.

Team discounts
Come down after a game or performance and enjoy some frozen yogurt. Our team and group discounts are:
• 10 or more people 15% off total bill
• 20 or more people 20% discount off total bill

Birthday Parties
Celebrate your birthday at Chill Buffalo and get 20% off entire bill for group of 10 or more.